About Japan M Shah

As the Founder and Managing Director of JMS ADVISORY SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED, I have been passionately helping small and medium businesses solve their technology, hiring, and training problems for over 17+ years. I have a strong background in finance, economics, HR, business management and law.

I specialize in IT and C Level hiring, with a track record of finding the best talent for in-demand tech roles such as Salesforce, cloud computing, data-AI, and ML within 48 hours.

I also have extensive experience in consulting and implementing MS Dynamics projects in finance, HR, and supply chain modules, ensuring better efficiency and productivity for my clients.

Additionally, I have trained more than 3000+ individuals on various topics such as soft skills, entrepreneurship, strategy, economics, career planning, communication, law, and HR, and have been a keynote speaker at several events.

My vision is to enhance the productivity of small and medium businesses by providing customized hiring and training services that align with their management objectives. My passion is to help companies transform their IT infrastructure and empower their employees, business leaders, start-ups, and students with the right mindset and skill set. My positive business solutions have helped more than 100+ SMBs across India overcome their technology, hiring, and training challenges.


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